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Paul, the modern vampire is no longer in the game? they will replace the Sectarians?
If Yes, then that’s a shame.

Hey there,
the Necrosavant is the new vampire. The vampire until now did not have any real faction alignment and stood pretty much all alone. He didnt have any real purpose apart from just being there for the sake of having a “teleporting” enemy.
I personally dont think the old visuals are so awesome that they shouldnt be replaced.

is it possible to leave the game, the old image of the necromancer is a good character, worthy of its place in the game.

The necromancer just got some additional visuals, he stays exactly the same as before.

I heard the Ancient Priests helmets are not lootable and wearable by one’s mercs. I think that’s a real shame and a waste of potential. Would it be possible to add their helmets on top of (rusty) mail coifs (or another fitting helmet) to make them wearable by humans?

I decided to not make the priest crowns lootable as it goes a step too far even for crazy mercenaries. The crowns are very iconic and unique to a certain enemy type.
If we will have something similar I would rather add more unique helmets taking it in the “crown” direction but still featuring a “mercenary style” look.

I am very confident that I will be able too squeeze in a few more sets of unique armor before the release.

Regarding the names of the Orcs and Goblins. You are making a lot of cool suggestions, but the more I think about it, the less I am convinced that we can get away with just changing the names. These two factions are obviously Orcs and Goblins and it may even look silly if we try to give them some other name.
Kinda reminds me of Games Workshop calling the “Orcs & Goblins” “Orruks & Grots” in Age of Sigmar (I suppose some kind of copyright issue or smth?). I think its pretty hilarious…..

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