Reply To: Some conceptual ideas

Avatar photoMerkwuerdigliebe

Well ok, fair enough – even though you already have magic and trading in the game – but the lack of some sort of goal or advancement does get grinding after a while. It’s fun and all, but once I have 15 level 11 men, mostly with rare armor and weapons, there isn’t really much left to do. I should at least get to fight in a larger battle as a unit in a noble’s army or something.

But here are some other ideas I would appreciate:

Riders. We have goblin wolfriders, I want to buy a horse or two. And take care of them (and saddle, armor and level them up) as befits a valuable property of the time and setting. Extra movement and height advantage, charge special ability, weak against spears and polearms, can sometimes kick enemies (or go panic and hit your own men)…

Some sort of a “farm” or temporary retirement for some of my men. A place where I could retain a couple of them and, let’s say, give them only half their pay for the duration. I can’t really experiment with different formations and tactics when the majority of my team is locked into a specific role (e.g. heavy swordman – brawny colossus shield expert and swordmaster) and I can’t let them go without permanently losing them. This again comes back to the idea of some kind of a base camp…