Reply To: Some conceptual ideas

Avatar photoMerkwuerdigliebe

Two more ideas, of a more procedural nature:

I would really appreciate some kind of a “fog of war” marker. When I am exploring an area I have already discovered (because somebody in Bramming hinted that there might be rare armor in the hills west of town – so I’m trying to find a newly spawned orc camp) I can’t tell what I have recently seen or not – especially since the visual range changes with light conditions and altitude. I’m imagining a transparent shroud that lifts for a day when I visit the place again and comes back a day after I leave.

Secondly, what about some kind of a weapon attachment for my men? Either an event by which they form a bond with a specific weapon (this is my lucky axe from that bloody battle! I get +10 melee skill when I use it and -5 when I use anything else*) or simply a learned preference for the type of weapon the character is using habitually (+5 when using hammers, -5 for two-handed weapons, until the character gradually re-adapts to something new – on top of the mastery perk).

*This might possibly be in the game already, but I haven’t encountered it.

Oh – and one more thing: Mushroom huntingForaging? Like in a wooded area, I might lose time for a chance to find some food, when I’m in really dire straits?