Reply To: Some thoughts about initiative figure

Avatar photoMike

First, as long as you have more than one attribute to your character, one of them is going to be less important than others. It’s not a design flaw to be corrected, it’s a simple fact.

Secondly, there are always different playstyles just as there are always minmaxers who accept only the optimal solutions – trying to cater to them is a fool’s errand as it damages the experience for others who do not share their approach and those people are never fully satisfied anyway.

I’m perfectly happy with specializing my characters and using bad “rolls” on my preferred attributes to pump secondary ones – got a +1 to fatigue this level? Fine, I’ll put +3 to initiative or +2 to ranged defense. My archer can’t take an orc axe to the face but that’s why I have others who can do it in his stead.

I dare say there are other players who do not have a cookie-cutter build focusing on 3 most “valuable” attributes but prefer to experiment and work around limitations instead of throwing more points at them. Finding ways to efficiently use the seemingly underpowered stats is part of the fun.


it would need a large figure of initiative to reach at the first one of every turn. Or you need hire a high initiative merc at the first place

when you want a guy who can efficiently wear heavy armor, you look for a prospect with high starting stamina. Seems only logical it’s the same when you want a quick character, I see no problem here. Also, you don’t really need that high of a point investment, what matter more is not overburdening your character with heavy gear. I understand that some would find it appealing to have plate armor-clad fighters who are at the same nimble, but it isn’t how the game;s supposed to work. At all.