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If i had my own way id have you work on items and items alone for like a month or something, until we have unique version of vast majority of items

In a perfect world I would love to do that (no smiley here, as they now seem to mutate to giant monsters when quoted). Nevertheless I am still confident I will manage to push more items into the game before release. Alongside the ambitions we already added a bunch of armors and accessory items.

Paul, anyone told you that you have the talent? They lied – you have the gift of God.

Thanks man, I feel honoured!

What this game really needs is legendary items, but they has to be not only the items which have chance to hit head or damage boost. They have to provide us with new experience and unique abilities. Like Frangshire helm does

I totally agree. As I mentioned before somewhere we have a complete design document with around 100 legendary items including unique skills etc. Unfortunately we dont have the manpower to implement them for now.


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