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Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

instead of more legendary/unique items, i would like to see several grades in existing items. in my opinion, the gear progression is way too fast. let me give an example:

1. grade: broken sword
2. grade: rusty sword
3. grade: used sword
4. grade: militia/regular
5. grade: military/regular
6. grade: masterpiece/legendary/unique

graphical differences could be very minor, if at all. i think, this would give a lot more depth for not that much more work in comparison to completely new items.

Paul Happy New Year! Maybe you missed this post, but maybe 5 or 6 of us said “this is really one of our top dreams for the game”

This is one of the top points on my wish list for the game, 1) it could save Paul work 2) its easy to code and implement 3) it could give a lot of nice depth for little effort to weapons. Percentage of likelihood for each type.