Reply To: My Boatload of Suggestions Since Playing

Avatar photoIeuan Mawr

Definitely check out the developer blogs. The first point from your 2nd post have been directly addressed (hurrah!) as has point 4. I can’t find the comments addressing points 1 but I know I saw a dev say that you would no longer have to click multiple times around an enemy you are pursuing. Try this dev blog out for size in terms of improvements to enemy factions on the world map:

Unfortunately it’s wait and see with point 3. I would like to see the people and creatures who compromise individual war bands retain their skins, health status and equipment load out if you fight them again. Is it possible given the way the game is built on generating maps from pre-fabbed tiles and stats? Who knows.

For what it’s worth I’m heartily against the idea of a tutorial. The game forces you to play and learn it’s rules as you go. I spent two games whizzing around the world map unaware you could ZOOM OUT. I was navigating entirely from memory and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Caravan missions left me on the other side of the map like “OK, I better learn what’s good here” while I navigate by road network back to where I was. I had to job my way back to where I started if I wanted to continue building up relationships with employers there. It forces you to think up ways of making money (like trading) hinting but not spelling it out for you. This is part of what makes this game so good IMO.

Here’s the blog addressing allied units not blocking movement: