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Name:The Sons of Fafnir
Once apon a time the greedy young boy heared the story about Fafnir,from his mother.She tried to deal with his greedness,but in fact she made it noly worse.A young shall want to be rich,he gathered his friends and inspeared by the story of his mother,departed to war,trying to make his dream alive.Years was passing quick.One war changed another.Soom all his old friends from farmlands died in battles.But life hardened him.He found new friends,in army of the old lord,in which wars he spent whole his life.But he still wasnt reach anoth.And then his old good lord died,he gathered his friends and joined mercenary company.Battle after battle they was wining a honor and wealth.Once they returned from hard batlle,wounded and weack,trying to get theit well earned reward,they got just a steel instead of gold.After a hard battle,employer betrayer has been slained,as the most of the friends of the already not so young and hardened boy.
Tring to get back their formr glory,the rest of the company tried to ambush and kill a smalll band of bandits.But they was ambused first.The captain have been slained.And the last one who coulde take his place,was the wounded old boy.Throwing in past name and glory of already dead company,he picked up the new name and banners,still vowing to make his dream true.This is how The Sons of Fafnir was borned.