Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photonope100500

More on new morale check.
– Underdog does not help (I hoped morale check triggers on being surrounded as opposed to just having 2+ enemies around)
– It is triggered immediately on approach attempt, even if repelled by Spearwall. Can same enemy trigger multiple checks?!. Even if not, amount of checks can get quite ridiculous for skilled and specialized Spearwall user.

Overall not particularly happy about this change. Having a bro with reasonably good stats (including 45 resolve, which is about as high as it can get without sacrificing att/def/fat) randomly suicide by fleeing on being approached just by 3 wiedergangers is not fun. Maybe Fleeing behavior should be made more reasonable? Like try to flee, if high hp/armor and can survive several failed attempts, but shieldwall (if has shield) or at least skip turns otherwise.