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    Avatar photoRusBear

    Start with good:
    1. AI bandits – excellent work as a whole.
    2. The improvement of life things (button increase the speed of the game, the sound of sightings of the enemy and so on) Thank you very nice.
    3. All Paul’s art as always on top. Pictures for Event, the ancient dead, a new look of quest givers – 11 points from 10.

    Now the main thing:
    1. A new battle morality check system.
    Even if put aside my personal rejection of the idea as a whole (I will not describe, flaw of this mechanic is clear for those who can see a little beyond then “excellent opportunity to plunder the caravans”).
    Not clear principle of this checks. That’s what is important. Why can not I see the numbers chance to scare the enemy if I will go up to him. How do you know what the chance that scared my soldiers? From what factors it considered and depends? NO basis for feedback. Where is the information about how it should work? If it is another RNG factor in the range of 5 – 95% – it all originally directed against the player. What for? Do you think this game is not enough RNG dependent?
    2. Alteration of perks. All aimed to boost the initiative. Overwhelm and nimble too strong.
    Two-handed ax dead. RA humiliated so badly how stupid OP daggers (t3, 8% adaptation + Overwhelm ..little TOO, don’t it?). RA 50% bonus on next turn was impossible to remove, it was only necessary lower def bonuses for hit.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Hm…direwolves with Overwhelm…good( not) joke, devs. It is 200% wipe early party

    Avatar photonope100500

    More on new morale check.
    – Underdog does not help (I hoped morale check triggers on being surrounded as opposed to just having 2+ enemies around)
    – It is triggered immediately on approach attempt, even if repelled by Spearwall. Can same enemy trigger multiple checks?!. Even if not, amount of checks can get quite ridiculous for skilled and specialized Spearwall user.

    Overall not particularly happy about this change. Having a bro with reasonably good stats (including 45 resolve, which is about as high as it can get without sacrificing att/def/fat) randomly suicide by fleeing on being approached just by 3 wiedergangers is not fun. Maybe Fleeing behavior should be made more reasonable? Like try to flee, if high hp/armor and can survive several failed attempts, but shieldwall (if has shield) or at least skip turns otherwise.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    i saw militia party – all with 2 gex weapon and 6 raiders party- all with war pickaxe

    Avatar photodltoster

    There is an annoying thing in this beta – current turn not finished for a battle brother with 1 and even 0 ap remaining – you need to hit the end turn manually and they are remain in the order line to finalize turn. It takes time. There was no such issue in a previous beta – when 1-0 ap remains, a turn was finalized automatically.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    There is an annoying thing in this beta – current turn not finished for a battle brother with 1 and even 0 ap remaining – you need to hit the end turn manually and they are remain in the order line to finalize turn. It takes time. There was no such issue in a previous beta – when 1-0 ap remains, a turn was finalized automatically.

    I think they moved this to game options, check out gameplay tab im pretty sure i saw something like that there.

    Avatar photodltoster

    “Auto end turns” checked in my game (by default). Whether it is not working or means something other – I do not know.

    Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

    Caveat: I’ve been playing on “Normal”. (I’m a coward by nature!) Also, my first party just got slaughtered by Necrosavants, so there’s a lot of the game I haven’t seen yet. (Remember: “losing is fun!”) Finally, I don’t pay much attention to the battle log. Overall, battles seem to work well.

    1.) The morale checks are fine for me. I wouldn’t expect to be able to see a morale drop before the trigger happens. I can get a general idea by looking at the cute little mood faces and brother’s native traits.

    2.) Whilst a very small cosmetic change, I appreciated seeing “Fangshire” has its nicely magical blue glow returned!

    3.) It seems that crossbows got a little bit of a buff on accuracy, which I liked. Not enough to bring back the killer crossbowmen, but enough to make them useful again.

    4.) I really like all the new touches that make everyday tasks so much easier! (“All right, you brothers! DOUBLE TIME, MARCH!” :-D )

    Major annoyance: Even when relations are very friendly, prices remained extremely high in the one city I befriended. Prices dropped much more in smaller places that I didn’t help as much. Maybe this is because the cost of living tends to be higher in large cities? It was still annoying, because I hadn’t expected it. In the previous update, the prices would drop much lower.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I’ve noticed that:

    — Contrary to what was stated in one of the dev blogs, the Puncture skill hasn’t yet been altered
    — The combat penalties at night have been reduced, so that ranged attack (and defence) is still viable
    — Raiders no longer have +10 melee defence and +5 ranged defence, and so are easier to hit in the early game
    — The currently active character is now included in the number of allies distracting a target to create the “surrounded” status effect (making raiders still easier to hit than before, and compensating for the new morale risk of being engaged in melee with them)
    — Cleavers now cost 12 fatigue (instead of 13) for basic attacks, and flails now cost 13 instead of 14
    — Militia spears have been made slightly less damaging, and the damage ranges of scramasaxes, butcher’s cleavers and bludgeons have been expanded upwards
    — Farmhands often start with significantly higher max fatigue again (not too far from wildmen), instead of usually just 5-10 above average
    — Some wildmen and hunters start at level 2
    — More recruits start with ranged skill in the 40s
    — Polearm Mastery has been made more lucrative by the possibility of staggering opponents (perhaps a good tactic against the overwhelming direwolves – if you can get to level 5 before facing them)
    — If you try to fight direwolves at their own game using overwhelm, battles could turn into turgid stalemates with everyone missing “open goals” to slay each other (as if trapped in nets within swamps) …
    — Reach Advantage has been made almost useless (like Nimble was before), and it will now be harder for deserters clad in scale armour to casually scythe through throngs of orc warriors with their 35 hit points and 7 resolve (but still at confident morale because some chap hiding in the bushes a few tiles away keeps blowing a trumpet)
    — Reach Advantage needs to be adjusted so that (a) you don’t necessarily need astronomic base melee defence to make use of it to start with, but (b) you can’t become persistently 95% immune to hits because of it (even if you do have the highest possible base melee defence)
    — The re-worked Nimble sounds interesting, but I worry that its effect will be invisible and unmeasurable, so that you’ll never be sure if it’s worthwhile (but I shall see when I actually get to it)

    Avatar photoAle

    The new version is awesome, thank you for the good work!

    Although I think the late game crisis startet a bit too early. It started like on day 70, not all of my bros are equipped even with chainmail yet.

    Avatar photoWanderer

    It’s actually quite interesting that you want to keep the Craven/Dastardly mercenaries around as reserves, because they don’t lose satisfaction while they’re being held in reserve. I wonder if this was intentional to reduce the amount of work people do to ‘check’ recruits in town for secondary characteristics.

    Avatar photoJew man Jones

    I’ve been liking the more immersive environment so far, and I also like how the caravans are actually useful now. I think the necrosavants are a little strong though at the point you meet them in the game. When I accept a two star contract I don’t expect to meet 2 of them randomly that straight up 2v8 my party with another 8 auxiliaries with them. Now at day 20 or so my people don’t have the best weapons or armor they all have the caps and gambesons and while not the best equipped they shouldn’t be able to just straight up get slaughtered. Even when I get a nice three or four shots on them in one turn they dodge it all or if they get hit by all of it they’re only at half hp. I don’t mind the fact they abuse the weak spots in your party, and I think it would be nice if they didn’t do so much damage while being tanky, mobile, and evasive. That’s a little strong for one enemy to have. Maybe I’m just really bad at the game, but just wondering if anyone else got destroyed by those savages. I do think they’re a good way to make the undead actually difficult, but at the stage in the game I think its a little too difficult. I think a slight tone down on them and a buff to the other undead might be a nice way to go.

    Avatar photoIoci

    how to get nice gear in the early game without cheating:

    check out others mercenary bands on the world map, follow them into a battle, watch them charge into the flood of thugs, watch them been overwhelmed by the flood of thugs, watch them drowned in the flood of thugs, kill the rest of the thugs using your half naked brothers, battle won, loot the battlefield, gain some badass 2nd or 3rd tier weapon and armor used belong the other mercenary band, became a badass yourself.

    Avatar photoA.Mortis

    Hello everybody!
    I apologize in advance for any errors, but as they say, “I will try as best I can”
    on patch: in general does not look bad
    AI surprised quite nicely and is valid, but there is a nuance
    Archers: the feeling that I came back a year ago, when they were added to the goblins
    – We have more archers you and come to us
    I’m going about their business, tail cling raiders. because of the hills they caught up with me and stand on a hill … “we have a suitable position himself attacking”
    – You chased me, why should I come to you?
    retreat “- morality”, but it’s a tactical retreat, we even did not receive damage.
    40 day. 9 Raiders. guys it’s not very funny joke: 2 hammer (T1 yes yes, there are only 20-35 damage, so only special hit deals ~ 120 dmg) and 4 arboleta (m2)
    I won that fight, but he just got lucky (if you wish, I can provide a recording, vote for yourself)
    Hammers T1: They are dangerous halberd, no weapons with damage on the armor of T1 weapons. maybe it’s not bad

    about spear wall and check morale has been told

    thanks for good music, as always on top, as well as art.
    AI allies too good for 16 hours of the game raises no objections.

    they do not interfere and do not look like running morale for the enemys

    I have not tried it, but it seems too weak
    how to understand what works is he?
    polearm wizards
    good idea, but you can add a +1 to a hex for a banner? or anything else

    returning to the morale
    can make the checks are not random?
    resolve be made as a defense and as HP moral?
    it is for surround
    moral will not fall, will fall resolve
    wounded will lose more than a healthy soldier (6/3 per enemy)
    if the resolve falls below 30 because of the surround – morale decreases
    I do not know, it’s just suggestions and ideas, very much I like your game and want to help in any way that: D
    Sincerely “lucky (no)” Mortis
    Ps. I’m sorry for the mistakes


    No skill | Only luck

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I do not see the raison d’etre such nerf of the heavy 2 hands build. You’re not going to sell the perks for money online, right? You have an obsession to make a useful initiative – well – do, what the carefully developed knight hinder you to to it? Too strong? Of course he is, he should be such. This is not – to be found in the first burial ground with 10 ghouls armor by 300 and not an old PF or 4 crossbows in pockets, allow you to absolutely without effort and danger to kill enemies. You first try to find a suitable background, then shake it properly combining the desired perks, a refuge from goblins in the first levels , from 2 headshots at night from a maximum distance by bandit crossbowman … and only then to talk about his overpower. Instead, you enter “Overwhelm” and believe that this is a normal balance? it is not necessary to force a player to do something – you just give him a opportunity and choice – he wants to run with the networks and daggers – let him run, his is the law, he wants to raise this god of war with 2 hand axe – let him do this to.

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