Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoJew man Jones

I’ve been liking the more immersive environment so far, and I also like how the caravans are actually useful now. I think the necrosavants are a little strong though at the point you meet them in the game. When I accept a two star contract I don’t expect to meet 2 of them randomly that straight up 2v8 my party with another 8 auxiliaries with them. Now at day 20 or so my people don’t have the best weapons or armor they all have the caps and gambesons and while not the best equipped they shouldn’t be able to just straight up get slaughtered. Even when I get a nice three or four shots on them in one turn they dodge it all or if they get hit by all of it they’re only at half hp. I don’t mind the fact they abuse the weak spots in your party, and I think it would be nice if they didn’t do so much damage while being tanky, mobile, and evasive. That’s a little strong for one enemy to have. Maybe I’m just really bad at the game, but just wondering if anyone else got destroyed by those savages. I do think they’re a good way to make the undead actually difficult, but at the stage in the game I think its a little too difficult. I think a slight tone down on them and a buff to the other undead might be a nice way to go.