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Hello everybody!
I apologize in advance for any errors, but as they say, “I will try as best I can”
on patch: in general does not look bad
AI surprised quite nicely and is valid, but there is a nuance
Archers: the feeling that I came back a year ago, when they were added to the goblins
– We have more archers you and come to us
I’m going about their business, tail cling raiders. because of the hills they caught up with me and stand on a hill … “we have a suitable position himself attacking”
– You chased me, why should I come to you?
retreat “- morality”, but it’s a tactical retreat, we even did not receive damage.
40 day. 9 Raiders. guys it’s not very funny joke: 2 hammer (T1 yes yes, there are only 20-35 damage, so only special hit deals ~ 120 dmg) and 4 arboleta (m2)
I won that fight, but he just got lucky (if you wish, I can provide a recording, vote for yourself)
Hammers T1: They are dangerous halberd, no weapons with damage on the armor of T1 weapons. maybe it’s not bad

about spear wall and check morale has been told

thanks for good music, as always on top, as well as art.
AI allies too good for 16 hours of the game raises no objections.

they do not interfere and do not look like running morale for the enemys

I have not tried it, but it seems too weak
how to understand what works is he?
polearm wizards
good idea, but you can add a +1 to a hex for a banner? or anything else

returning to the morale
can make the checks are not random?
resolve be made as a defense and as HP moral?
it is for surround
moral will not fall, will fall resolve
wounded will lose more than a healthy soldier (6/3 per enemy)
if the resolve falls below 30 because of the surround – morale decreases
I do not know, it’s just suggestions and ideas, very much I like your game and want to help in any way that: D
Sincerely “lucky (no)” Mortis
Ps. I’m sorry for the mistakes


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