Reply To: Strategic map.

Avatar photoJago

I think the world map is okay so far. There should be more unique sights, like the sea, a volcano, and lakes, to add some variety. That’s already planned and hopefully EA will be a success, so they can tackle this as well, sooner or later. The distances are good imo.

A few more locations, friendly ones, sounds nice, but they shouldn’t be common.

I like the idea with the mines. Another source of income for towns that has to be protected against bandits and a possible dungeon with monsters that dwell deep inside the mountains…
Road inns would be cool as well, once resting mechanics are implemented.
Farms on the other side are not interesting enough imho. Nothing really to do there, except a few low-reward-quests.

As for bandits occupying hamlets, well, if the player razes a place, it could either disappear from the map, or is now inhabited by people from the closest town, providing more income. With this income towns get richer and can field more militia and protect their caravans better, and thus play their part against the great evil.