Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoLasseFin

Nimble is NOT OP. At all. Please do some testing before you make unfounded and stupid claims, or you’re going to pressure the devs to nerf something that does not need nerfing.

Here’s a post from the Steam forums I made about it:

Armor seems to be better in general still. However, the new Nimble means that light armor builds are more reliable, but less effective than the old Nimble.

The new Nimble means that if your melee defense is quite a bit higher than their melee skill, you will very reliably dodge their attacks. For example, if their enemy hit chance is 10% or 1/10 chance, it would be turned into a mere 1% or 1/100. In the extreme case of 5% 1/20, it changes it to 0.25% or 1/400, which is practically impossible to hit.

Whereas in the old Nimble, it would would likely change a 10% to 5% and 5% stays at 5%. So no matter how good you are, you have that 1/20 chance of being hit.

But if your melee defense is lower than the enemy’s melee skill, it doesn’t really help much at all, in contrast to the old Nimble perk. If their to hit chance is 90% or 9/10 for example, it merely changes it to 81% to hit in the end or 8/10. And all this is assuming the Nimble dodger is wearing no clothing at all.

In the case of the old Nimble which gives you 50% more melee defense, you could generally get up to 30 or 40 mele defense off of the perk itself at max level, which means you can turn a 90% or 9/10 hit chance to 50% or 1/2, which is significantly better than the new Nimble.

I think the entire purpose of the new Nimble perk is to make dodge characters potentially get to a point where the “one lucky shot” is nigh impossible. In other terms to effectively remove the 5% minimum hit chance. But in turn it’s now very hard to actually get to that point.

Funnily enough, this is quite a good representation of reality, for better or for worse. It’s theoretically possible to get to a point that you are so good at dodging that you practically don’t need armor, but it requires so much experience and training that practically it’s borderline impossible. Armor on the other hand can always be practically count on by a normal person who has only a good amount of experience.

Basically, if the attacker hit chance is below 22% or sqrt(5%), the new Nimble is better, as it’s able to push the effective hit chance below the 5% hard cap. If it’s above 22%, then the old Nimble, even with its nerf to only +50% defence bonus is better.

And that’s assuming that the person is wearing NO Armor at all and wielding only a dagger. Right now, each 1 fatigue means 2% less chance for Nimble to trigger, so it’s not even as good as that in practise.