Reply To: Strategic map.

Avatar photoSarissofoi

The Devs stated before that you can’t go into the Dark Side. So no raiding or pillaging.
But it can make nice alternative playing when you play as bandit band and start as a bandit with access to bandits dens(when you can sell stuff and recruit folks) and being hunted by patrols and bounty hunters.
That can be kinda funny. But it is definitely future if at all.

About non perishable small locations that can be retaken or rebuild.
Its great idea. I was thinking similar. So its make us two.
Its should be a part of living world. But it definitely need be part of more complex system.
The world will be more lively with more parties moving on strategic map.
Not only caravans or patrols but also scouts(investigating things), witch hunters(looking for undead), bounty hunters(looking for bandits), Adventurers Bands(looking for some adventure), couriers, travellers, pilgrims, pedlars and traders moving around and some of them being prey for the evil forces.