Reply To: Strategic map.

Avatar photoSarissofoi

But restocking now is fairly easy.
Food is plentiful and cheap and you can get enough money from fetch quests.
There is no reputation or fame now so now it will be just choice of slaughtering few peasants to steal their food and few crowns.
Not mention that pillaging will hurt you because you will local settlements weaker and poor so there will be less supplies, less gold for contracts, less militia to fend bandits/monsters, less items in shops. In current game it will be suicidal.

BTW I think reputation or fame should be different statistics. Like Fame stats grown when you win battles and do quest so you are more known but people but reputation is influenced by your losses and completing quests non abandoning them etc and mean how ell you do your job.
So some people will only join famous company(say nobles and well-equipped soldiers will not join band of unknown peasants) when other will join the only one with good reputation(like experienced soldiers don’t want to join company well know from high losses but more reckless desperate types don’t mind because they believe they will survive or are greedy enough to risk their life).
Both stats can be going slowly back to neutral values so if you get some fame but then do delivery quests and rob some graves(you don’t want to people know this) then after some time you are not so famous and some guys will not join you or some contracts will be not offered to you.
Local fame or reputation(like when you save this village from bandits for free or rescue local lord’s daughter from bandits) can be kinda company perks obtained in gameplay(so if you local hero in #ThisCity you have reputation and fame bonus when you deal in this place but it not help you when you move to another one).