Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoGOD

Just thought I’d throw out a compliment for the art design that we’ve seen so far. It really fits the tone of the game that you seem to be making. Stuff like the humans actually looking somewhat like normal humans despite the stylised graphics, rather than hardened super soldiers. No rippling musculature with biceps the size of people’s heads. It’s also nice that they don’t look like heroes who will inevitably overcome all the odds and more like determined people who might well be in over their heads.
Kudos also to how it enhances the gameplay. For example: looking at a fight between orcs and humans it really looks like the humans are physically outclassed, while the gameplay reinforces this. This makes the orcs way more intimidating than if they were just covered in SKULLS SKULLS SKULLS! SHOULDER PADS! SPIKES! SKULLS ON SPIKES! SKULLS ON SPIKES ON SHOULDERS!

Are there more plans for the character skins reflecting gameplay in a way that matches the lore? Like for example, a young orc who is a bit older and more experienced than another young orc (higher level) having a slightly darker skin tone? That could also serve as a visual cue for the player on which orcs might pose a particular threat.

Also, will there be more character skins for enemy factions to diversify the enemies as development progresses, like with the humans?