Reply To: 118.4 hrs last two weeks

Avatar photomrbunnyban

I’m actually enjoying the current balance of the game so far quite a bit. Marksmen of all kinds are more of a menace, but that just means I’ve got to consider them a threat and work around it. My encounter with ghouls was interesting as I have to plan out when to take kills and when to delay. But necrosavants are still giving me problems haha

Yeah its loads of fun to get people 1 shot sniped before they even got a chance to act.

That is not what I’m experiencing, even when my backline is headshotted. Not enough armor/life? While I do get a LOT of severe injuries from arrows/bolts, no deaths so far from archers as the injured units retreat to safety. I am considering giving my backline nine lives for the occasional mishap though.