Reply To: 118.4 hrs last two weeks

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There’s also the fact one thing is Normal and another entirely is Veteran, which seems to have a number of balancing issues with challenge progression, and there’s a marked difference between the early game and the mid-late game.

I wouldn’t know about that, I play on Expert now in the mid-game. Balance from early to mid-game seems fine on expert, been hitting almost exclusively bandit raider/marksmen contracts as much as possible since they give the best loot. I haven’t hit late game crisis yet though so I don’t know about that either.

tell you one thing that these 100+ hrs i’ve been spent on this game were all on expert ironman, never hit the late game yet. xD
always get wiped out around 130 days, what happened? orcs happened, sniper in jungle happened, and ancient skeleton from swamp happened.