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hen my backline is headshotted. Not enough armor/life? While I do get a LOT of severe injuries from arrows/bolts, no deaths so far from archers as the injured units retreat to safety. I am considering giving my backline nine lives for the occasional mishap though.

I have a party with raider armor, and ~60 hp each – so thats 95-110 body and 110 head armor. Ive played maybe 20 hours on veteran on beta and ive had people die to 1 bolt/arrow about 2 or 3 times, it doesnt happen every battle obviously, but it can happen.

Ive had multiple battles where every single ranged shot that hit my brother (not counting those that hit shields obviously) would deal both huge hp damage (like 70%) and inflict an injury.

Ive also had situations where enemy would have 3+ ranged units who would focus on my second line people armed with 2 handed weapons and kill them with 2 shots. I think i even posted a screenshot of 1 brother getting 1 shot, and another brother getting hit twice in a row, both times getting an injury :D

I mean i dont know whats going on, and where the difference between your exp and my comes from? Maybe youre playing on lowest difficulty? I started on veteran. Maybe youre not hunting raiders, my main source of income is raiders (until i level up)?

Edit: nevermind i just read your other replies

Hrm. My archers have 70, 71, 74 and 75 health right now. They are only wearing 70/70 armor or 90/70 armor. I did invest in the anticipation perk for all of them, and sunk some of my points into ranged defence. I should probably sink enough so that they target my higher HP/armor melee units instead.

My 2-hander wields a kite shield and quick hands into his two-handed axe when engaging in melee. Next turn he attacks, then switches back to a heater shield.

Mind you, while I don’t get one-shotted, I DO take pretty severe injuries at times as I mentioned before!

That said, last battle there were 4 marksmen who dealt little damage to me overall due to some …special tactics.

Edit: Fine, I decided to share my “special tactics” after all in the thread talking about how to deal with ranged enemies.