Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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I assume that the way the Battle Brothers world worked in earlier versions was more like this. As I recall, you were more likely to run into all kinds of nasty creatures that were spawning around and marching about. Is this something that has now been actively moved away from for some reason? I understand that the devs want to have the player enjoy a somewhat more balanced experience, but I hope more of a objective simulation approach to the game can be taken, with player strength only having a minimum influence on overall world difficulty. There are other ways of keeping the player from getting hammered by far superior forces than is reasonable. For example, using geography (few goblins/orcs or undead in human lands).

The game used to scale difficulty with renown. I am not sure if it still does, but I believe so. At first I rushed the ambitions and felt that enemies became stronger much more quickly now, I just stay at “get 12 recruits” for as long as possible to not increase difficulty quite as fast. In that respect, doing delivery missions for 100 crowns or so are actually really bad since they will increase renown but hardly give any reward.
Right now it seems the best way to progress is by trading and hunting roaming raider bands and to destroy spawned camps.

To be honest the biggest problem right now are enemy ranged units. Sure, having geists at around day5 is a “bit” early but I can mostly avoid those.
You also said late game crises at around day 90?! How is that late game? I expected that to hit around day 300 maybe, with the highest renown level possible. At day 90 I am glad if I got all my guys to lv11 and those brothers will mostly be garbage. FAR, VERY far from what I would call end game or being min-maxed.

Currently I have the most fun in the first 30 days or so where the game still feels balanced (almost too easy even). 1-skull contracts are easy but are hardly worth the time in terms of rewards. 2-skull contracts are a bit more challenging but I usually don’t hesitate to take them. Worst that will happen is I lose a guy if I make a mistake. 3-skull contracts give good amount of cash but are also dangerous. After that the game just becomes way too fast. Then there is some ludicrous jump in difficulty and you may encounter necrosavants in a 2-skull contract.

Please, guys. Just slow down. Let’s chill. I think the perfect way to describe the feeling I get from the game right now is that I feel under time pressure, very stressful.