Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Well there is always cheat engine and altering stats.
But game clearly isn’t balanced around ironman.
Its too easy to lose people on expert especially to massed ranged and polearms users. Especially that not only player is nerfed because his progress is slower and he is short on funds but also enemy get additional troops on that difficulty.
Replacing troops is really painful and grindy process. Frustrating plainly.
If you forgive me my bad mood I will start my complain list. I will throw also praise list as a bonus.

First enemy AI.
Its great actually. Good progress from older builds and sometimes its feel to smart even(but mostly because it has plenty of tools that player do not have or can’t afford on his troops). Great job. Most of the problems were fixed and enemy AI is truly dangerous right now(which is annoyng and frustrating sometimes but in good way).
Cheers. Don’t know who did this but you did outstanding job. I could even buy you a beer.

Secondly Ghoul rework
I still miss old dead eating monkeys but the new demonic spawn is fine. Its also more dangerous but I think its mostly because of upgraded AI and better stats on higher more feed levels. The eat soldier ability is OP(especially if there is more of big ones) as they can easily eat few soldiers and there is nothing that player can do with it. Anyway good job.

Third bandits buff
Bandits were always low to mid levels threat and honestly they were here for a player units to gain levels and free lower quality gear. Kinda of less of more safe zone. There were some strong units like rogue knights, sowrdmasters and bandit leaders but most of them were rabble(but even then polearms and xbows were a problem).
Now I do not understood logic why enemy marksmans get buffed. Anyone care to explain this?
They were threat even before now they can snipe my troops with precision. They should not be a that big threat and they can kill single trooper at first turn(especially on expert where they get extra numbers). They should be support troops.
Small suggestion if I can do that.
Strip Marksmen from their perks and skills. They could get better gear and weapons, maybe quick hands and nets for night fights, but lower their ranged capabilities. Its simply not fun to lose guys to ranged enemy fire. Second thing take away puncture weapons from them.
There could be also some mid unit between thugs and raiders – simply better armed thug/worse armed raider with lesser skills and no perks.

Overall bandits should be a kind of filler faction that player face before he can fight Nobles, Undeads or Orks. Also enemy where he can go back when he got stumped so he can recover.

Fourth Orcs
Orcs are fine although Orc Warriors are still strong.
I wish they have some mid unit between young and warriors(even if it mean just dividing young orcs into less geared and better geared versions)

Fifth Old undead.
Well geist are annoying and sometimes frustrating to fight. Especially that banner have really low range and not dedicated rally men are rather non effective.

Six Banner
Rather underwhelming. Its necessary to have it as there are new resolve mechanics but its weaker than old sergant perk and you can have only one. And whole banner is also weak weapon and bonus is lost if not used. Sadly banner lack any special or even typical pike skills. Necessary but rather uncool. Taking off confident was fine move but connected with other things it nerfed it too much. Please consider increasing range of banner, % of bonus and add some special abilities to it so its more cool then necessary.

Seventh Veteran Hall
Its definitely feel weak. The bonus is fine although I would move it to temple(as kind of blessing with resolve bonus and not scaling cost) and instead make Veteran Hall place when player can buy some levels for troops(like up to 5-6 maybe) so its easier replace losses and lessen the grind.
Getting some outside tree perks or some additional weapon masteries would be nice too.
Maybe possibility to get rid of bad traits or get some good traits?
Or changing the backgrounds? With some bonuses to attributes? SO player can change his old daytalers into mercenaries or landsknehts?
Respecing perks would also be great addition.
Now its just feel meh and on expert it too costly anyway.

Acht Inventory space
Its small already and I do not understood logic to limit it.
If at last ambition to expand it was a repeatable one – it would be fine but it isn’t by the look of it. So bring back 99 for start and make ambition repeatable. With amount of food, spare armors and weapons, consumables and other stuff not even mention loot player need to carry inventory space is too small.

Neun Perks
I like this few changes that come with this update. Still some perks just feel weak and some get nerfed unnecessary(like gifted – it wasn’t that strong in first place), Shield expert could use the buff(either cheaper cost for shieldwall like weapon masteries-25% cost or similar effect to brawny but for shields-say 50% less fatigue cost). Bags and belts feel really weak right now. Lone wolf could use some flat buff to stats(or at last to resolve)

Tenth Reserves
It could use second reserve row and bigger reserve place(up to 25). With amount of specialization of troops needed for specific enemies and with amount of chained battles or injuries it would be great to have more space for new guys. You can’t now rip enemy with universal soldier.

Elven Fatigue
Its really un fun mechanic right now. Recovery feel mandatory in longer fights and you can’t level fatigue each level up as you need spread up level ups. Especially right now when enemy missed attacks also stack fatigue on character. Why not bring back some other ways to recover fatigue? Or at last increase fatigue regeneration when character have not used ap?

Twelve Early levels and full builds
It really feels like grind to get to end levels. Do you even consider giving bonus rolls to early levels and maybe double perks on first 3 levels(at cost no perks on 3 last levels) . It would make leveling much smoother and player can try new build earlier. Now its really feel painful to just level character to try and if he is not good to level him again.

Thirteen Magic
Enemy magicians could used higher fatigue costs.

Fourteen. New undead.
Well they feel strong. Very strong. Old skeletons(end game) composition was usually dozen skeletons(current auxiliaries), half dozen fallen heroes(shield legionaries) and half dozen guard skeletons(pike legionnaires). And there is a honor guard and priest. Now they come with great numbers and they are pretty deadly. Good fight when you have end game troopers but middle to high they are pain. Overall they get buffed. Good job but fighting them on early to mid levels feel unfair.

Well I probably have some more things to say but currently do not remember them sadly.
Ah. End crisis come too early. And they repeat too fast.