Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoWargasm

This sounds very nice indeed. All the different masteries are kind of exhausting tbh. I think you could add a ranged mastery for xbows, bows, thrown, nets. I’m fairly certain that someone who is good with a bow will be even more accurate on a crossbow so it makes sense from an immersion perspection too.

I was going to suggest an across-the-board Ranged Mastery, and certainly that would make throwing weapons much more viable, and it would make sense that someone with a deadly aim would utilize whichever weapon best fitted the context, rather than always specializing in just one narrow weapon type.

Mind you, while someone good with a longbow would surely be good with a crossbow, the reverse isn’t necessarily so, and throwing an axe or javelin is a very different physical skill from them both. So I dunno. But I do think there needs to be more crossover of weapon skills.

I like the fact that initiative, resolve and hit points have become more meaningful in the game, but I don’t like the fact that max fatigue has been made almost utterly unsustainable (no matter how high the starting value). Combat involves using skills, and skills use fatigue, and more max fatigue equals a greater variety of skills that you can use more often, making the game more interesting. I so much preferred the old Battle Flow perk to Recover, because that involved fatigue recovery as a reward for doing something exciting, rather than as the result of abstaining from doing anything at all (besides panting, of course).