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Third bandits buff
Bandits were always low to mid levels threat and honestly they were here for a player units to gain levels and free lower quality gear. Kinda of less of more safe zone. There were some strong units like rogue knights, sowrdmasters and bandit leaders but most of them were rabble(but even then polearms and xbows were a problem).
Now I do not understood logic why enemy marksmans get buffed. Anyone care to explain this?
They were threat even before now they can snipe my troops with precision. They should not be a that big threat and they can kill single trooper at first turn(especially on expert where they get extra numbers). They should be support troops.
Small suggestion if I can do that.
Strip Marksmen from their perks and skills. They could get better gear and weapons, maybe quick hands and nets for night fights, but lower their ranged capabilities. Its simply not fun to lose guys to ranged enemy fire. Second thing take away puncture weapons from them.
There could be also some mid unit between thugs and raiders – simply better armed thug/worse armed raider with lesser skills and no perks.

Overall bandits should be a kind of filler faction that player face before he can fight Nobles, Undeads or Orks. Also enemy where he can go back when he got stumped so he can recover.

I complained about ranged units (bandit marksmen to be precise) on day one of the beta. I was told (by other forum users) its my confirmation bias. Then i asked a dev and was told nothing is changed about them.

Yeah right. Bandit marksmen are like 5x more deadlier in beta than in vanilla (not sure about last 2 betas though, i kinda gave up on game).