Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoRusBear

Let my conscience be pure – instead of my discontent I will leave feedback.
1. A bonus on the size of the inventory – need to be more, or make several options to increase it. (New types of enemies, new tactics, 20 brothers – we need a lot of things to keep in stock). While 118 seats – very little.
2. In the checks of morality, the factor of the level of the brother must participate, and not just his resolve. We are still waiting for a normal answer about the mechanics of the checking in combat.
3. Finally, make sure that the sergeant’s functions are useful. The way the banner and special perk of the “sergeant” is working now does not withstand criticism.
4. The battle log. We need detailed with all the checks and rolls, for those who wish.
5. When the shot misses, the protection of the target in which go the “miss” is still not taken into account?