Reply To: Release. From one player to another.

Avatar photoHarry_Krishnaa

Nice Topic!! I think Overhype can use each support to bring BB forward!

I recommended BB to about 9 or 10 Friends… they bought it… and wrote a positiv steam review. All of them had never heard about BB and felt in love with it after my recommendation. Just talk about it… tell it to everybody. I think this is how it works. In Germany we call it “snowball effect” :)

I think …I wont buy another Copy.. I allready got the supporter edition!.. but sure i will pay for extra content in form of DLC, expansion etc in future…

Haha what about an early access DLC/expansion !!.. something like that.. was there before?

FOr me OverhypeStudios are EarlyAccess Grandmaster! They are the scale how EA works.