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Destroyed like 40 ruins and tombs, like 15 warlord camps, there is not a single warlord camp left on my map, still nothing. I’m telling you, it’s some sort of event that needs to be triggered.


I believe you, I will probably never find it until it is announced here. Me feel dumb. Still though, it seems know one else has figured it out. One thing I have wondered is if it is possible for one noble faction to take over the whole map. If so perhaps it is a reward for storming a capitol, but I doubt it. It could be one of those events when you have the option to betray your employer to pursue your own interests, like the gem one or the take the ancient weapon and leave the village relic. I did that last one and it took that village a long time to forget about it. Has anyone robbed the old man carrying the fancy ring? I haven’t so I don’t know if that could be one of them?