Reply To: Necrosavant Rework Needed

Avatar photomrbunnyban

Well I can’t really speak how they are late game because they usually stop me from getting that far. I usually encounter just a one or two of them 40-60 days in and that’s it. They just slaughter everyone, and yes I know to put your best guys on the corner and what not. I mean the people I’ve had from the very beginning or close to it couldn’t 2v1 them, never mind trying to 1v1 them. Just having them shield wall to buy time while all the other enemies are being killed doesn’t work either. The fact that their melee skill is on crack kind of prevents the shield wall from working reliably.

I personally am fine with a nice challenging enemy just make it so if you use the right tactics your party doesn’t get wiped. The way it is now at the point in the game I encounter them its just an instant loss. When your brothers with their best armor on still get three shot it’s kind of a problem.

I think an easy way to solve this would be to do what you did to dire wolves and have tiers. Early to mid, if encountered let them having arming swords or noble swords like before which will allow some counter play while still being challenging,and if encountered later in the game, let them have their god rods to two tap your back line with because at that point you have people that are able to at least hit them and dodge. Just having to rely on a one of your brothers actually dodge every single attack from something with that high of a melee skill is kind of ridiculous. At least let people be able to tank more than 3 hits top early in the game.

Hrm. I’m on about day 60 on expert and took out 3 necrosavants which accompanied about a dozen weids. I don’t play on iron man though and it took a few tries to nail down my tactics (which involved nets).

I’ve encountered a pack of 6 on day 2 though. That was instant death haha.