Reply To: Border tile = morale loss. Wonder why?

Avatar photoMike

The only way I ever “exploited” the map border was putting my formation with it’s back to it, and only because outside of the dense forest there are no natural barriers that can protect your flanks/back from 30+ enemies that you keep facing later on. I don’t really see this as an exploit because I never run from a started battle unless I’m obviously getting decimated.

I dislike attempts to “balance” a singleplayer game around those few people that abuse some mechanics, because while it often makes life harder for an ordinary players those who want to use bugs/glitches/exploits/outright cheats will ALWAYS do so, there is simply no way you can prevent it.

And to be honest, why shouldn’t they? It’s singleplayer, if somebody wants to spoil his own – and only his own – fun that way nobody else really cares <insert a stale meme here>