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Once a sorrow pile of bones, gently touched by a noble soul,
A tricky smile in bright tone, that darken hood covers what is bald.
May Chanson de Zensalin be sang, through the everlasting air of hollow.

Chanson de Zensalin represents the literature from the Pre-release Age, showing us the brightest spirit of sharing between human and undead, orc and goblin, werewolf and dogmeat. The original inscription was been found on a broken tomb stone, covered by dust and moss, in the Ancient Burial located in the north-east of a village named Qwerty, Map Seed:009247584X21.
After 3 years of researching, day and night hard working, our definitely professional archaeologists believe that, this very tomb stone was been first chopped down into pieces by some grave-robbers who visited this place using a gigantic wood axe, then most pieces were eaten by a special specie of Nachzehrer which prefer to chew rocks after feast.
None the less, the remaining inscription still reveals us the historical character who cracked and spread the technique of creating the perfect lore-friendly profile avatar picture, which was used been monopolized by Overhype Studios.