Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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f/You are satisfied that a veteran of the 20th level who killed 2000 enemies still has RND moral check from a Thug as well as a novice of 1st ?. You are happy then. Personally, I do not like this categorically.

g/Even too OP dodge and what devs have done with the captain-sergeant?
I know you as a person versed in the game and who have a lot of game experience.
Hmm maybe my requirements for the game are too high…

@f: I agree this is kind of stupid. A thug, even 6 thugs are simply no threat to a veteran brother with a 2-hander and heavy armor. Resolve should increase with each level or even battle. If we get 1-2 resolve passively each level it would feel a lot more immersive imo.

@g: I don’t think dodge is all that great. In the early game and on archers its strong but for anyone in heavier armor it’s kind of pointless I think. I miss the old rally the troops, also the old RA.