Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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agree that levels should count into resolve check but on the other hand – why then level resolve at all if you got passive growth?

Well, I’m sure that +1 resolve every level or 2 would not be overpowered. Maybe 1 resolve for every level 2-11 and 1 resolve every 2 levels 12+. Resolve is too important right now imo. A guy with 30 base resolve needs a lot of points to make him decent and not be such a coward. I don’t think I even had a character yet where I felt I could just not level resolve at all. Deserters have become completely useless in my eyes.
I would like to have to level resolve less.

@banner/sarge: I wish they went back and let it boost morale, maybe lower chance to go from steady to confident and change the bonus from 10% to +10 or some other flat bonus. Your ideas work too. I especially like the fatigue recovery idea.