Reply To: Last minute suggestions

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1) Most I have encountered was around 6 of them. They were not really a threat to my guys in heavy armor and battle forged. Also, if you know you will be facing them, try maces for stun

2) Yeah, this is really annoying. I am playing without late game crisis now becasue of this shit. People have complained about this from the day they announced that. Said it was a terrible idea to have settlements be destroyed. The devs answer was to add non crisis mode so this is what I am playing now.

3) Training hall could have more stuff to do in. Currently I do have the funds to make use of it and it’s not even that expensive. I also make sure that my new recruits get the last-hit on enemies to get them even more xp. Especially leaders and hedge knights that are already fleeing seem to give fairly good xp.

4) Early game they are a bit annoying, currently they don’t really pose a threat anymore. My archers run anticipation with high base def and don’t get targeted. My 2-handers with low ranged def but 300+ armor usually take some hits that don’t even tickle them. I have yet to encounter Master Archers.

5) Idk this swordmaster perk, but yeah. Duelist absolutely needs talent in defense and preferrably 10-20 base defense as well. My guy right now has about 45 melee defense and he is doing quite well, but I also built im to wear heavy armor and not use nimble.
Good duelist is the most difficult brother to acquire imo and doesn’t even seem that strong without a named weapon.