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    Thanks for the devs, it has been really amazing to see how the game evolved from the start, got it early when in EA, having put 100+ hours in the early stages and started playing again recently, you did an amazing job in this years, so happy that is coming to a deserved full release.

    Here are my 2 cents:

    1) Necrosavants, they seem to be a bit OP even for late game, ignoring any zone of control and moving anywhere, plus regen health and difficult to kill, their weapon is great to get, so is the main reward but is also what makes them too powerful in my opinion.

    2) Crisis and cities being destroyed, this actually compared to the early release of the game, is kinda disappointing in the sense that player has very little countermeasures, I am not alerted if a city is destroyed or under siege, I have lost my only city with a fletcher shop really early in the game. I know this has been already pointed out a few times, but either the possibility to rebuild via a quest or sail to another continent would solve this.

    3) Training hall and late game new brothers, make late game less grindy: game has become more punishing , sometimes I can easily lose a lvl 7-8 Brothers in a couple of crossbow shots, even if equipped with a shield.
    Either buff the training hall, to have the possibility to train some brothers faster or raise the initial level of the brothers you can hire (I believe the max is lvl 4) based on the average level of your company, so if you average lvl 8 in the company maybe you can find lvl 5-6 brothers to hire.

    4) Enemy archers seems a bit too powerful, but maybe was is just bad luck.

    5) Duelist has been nerfed too much, not worth to pick it IMO as such a last level perk, I know we had OP swordmaster before but at least it should still give a little bonus to melee defense IMO, as they are way to easy to get killed once you reach a good level anyway, unless you are lucky to find a 3 star melee defense brother and bring up to lvl 11.

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    3) I would love to have ability to pay money for direct EXP boost for brothers. That could help insta level up brothers, if you are rich enough and avoid grindy stuff.

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    Exactly, it gets kinda boring as it takes quite long to get a brother up to your party level, so there should be some workaround, maybe even leave a brother at a training hall for a week or so and come back and he gained a level or simply get to hire higher level brothers later in the game.

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    1) Most I have encountered was around 6 of them. They were not really a threat to my guys in heavy armor and battle forged. Also, if you know you will be facing them, try maces for stun

    2) Yeah, this is really annoying. I am playing without late game crisis now becasue of this shit. People have complained about this from the day they announced that. Said it was a terrible idea to have settlements be destroyed. The devs answer was to add non crisis mode so this is what I am playing now.

    3) Training hall could have more stuff to do in. Currently I do have the funds to make use of it and it’s not even that expensive. I also make sure that my new recruits get the last-hit on enemies to get them even more xp. Especially leaders and hedge knights that are already fleeing seem to give fairly good xp.

    4) Early game they are a bit annoying, currently they don’t really pose a threat anymore. My archers run anticipation with high base def and don’t get targeted. My 2-handers with low ranged def but 300+ armor usually take some hits that don’t even tickle them. I have yet to encounter Master Archers.

    5) Idk this swordmaster perk, but yeah. Duelist absolutely needs talent in defense and preferrably 10-20 base defense as well. My guy right now has about 45 melee defense and he is doing quite well, but I also built im to wear heavy armor and not use nimble.
    Good duelist is the most difficult brother to acquire imo and doesn’t even seem that strong without a named weapon.

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    Hi guys! Why aren’t you smart enough to make a banner designer?to simplify the transfer and management to do battle on a large scale?enter any any of the main villains?

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