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Hey Paul, will there be legendary weapons in the game? Or only armors? Just wondering.

Hey Lassefin,
unfortunately we only have the 4 armor pieces and one accessory. On the other hand we already thought we would not be able to get in any legendaries at all, so its still better than nothing. Just see them as a little bonus, not an actual element of gameplay.

but after passing 150 or 200 days it becomes clear how small the game world.

Hey varhagen,
thanks for the support and dont worry about the language, we are no native speakers either.
Regarding your comments, the whole game is designed to “end” after 140-160 days when you survive the greater evil. We just added the option to keep on playing. we cannot provide content and balancing for 300 days or 500 or 1000. And even if we had the whole game designed to last 1000 days, there will be people asking to expand it further, because they want to play 2000 days :)
We cannot deliver that.

What we can do is expand the basic game with additional DLCs or something like that. We will now continue to give technical support to the game while I finish the Artbook and we talk about our next steps.
We will surely let you guys know whats up in the next devblogs.


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