Reply To: Constant, consistent crashing

Avatar photogazra

I was playing the game (version on Ironman mode and with VSync enabled (in the video options) and in Fullscreen mode and I experienced 3 separate crashes. The first crash was a crash to desktop while loading version of the game for the first time (I received an error message recommending that I install the latest driver for my graphics card). The other 2 crashes were during gameplay (1 of the crashes was during a combat) and those 2 crashes instantly automatically switched off my computer. I have experienced a few crashes that instantly automatically switched off my computer previously while running other applications on my computer (including the computer game Elite Dangerous (which is buggy), and especially the computer game Armored Warfare (which is in beta development and buggy).

I remembered reading a post in the Battle Brothers beta thread at the RPGCodex website that stated that disabling VSync fixed crashes for another player.

I started a new game (version not using Ironman mode and with VSync disabled and in Fullscreen mode. I haven’t experienced any crashes yet.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
graphics card: ASUS (NVIDIA) GeForce GT 740
monitor: Dell 2408WFP