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Ghouls, orcs, magic… the setting in BB is hardly historical!

Swords, spears, shields, noble houses, witch hunters peasants, castles, knights, monks…

From homepage of the game:

– Manage a medieval mercenary company in a procedurally generated open world.

That’s the very first one in the list. “Medieval” is name of the historical period.

Btw, ghouls, orcs and magic are all part or based on European medieval folklore. As are vampires, werewolves, undead and so on. Today most of us don’t believe in existence of these things and beings but for medieval people they were very part of their life.

And talking about simulation or lack-there of

I newer said this game is simulation. That’s not what I meant. I said it is based in the Medieval setting. Being fantasy and being based on something does not exclude each other.

there is no penalty for not sleeping every day because it would be boring to wait for your bros to sleep everyday.

That’s called abstraction.

There is no penalty for not getting a balanced diet. You cannot really survive on only grain everyday, but the game doesn’t care. Managing the diet of your company is not the focus of the game.

My mercs sure complained about monotonous diet, I got event in my very first play through. I have never found out if there is some negative effect about it because I tried to diversify food since.

I think what you are trying to say is something like the possible danger of encountering something you absolutely cannot fight in the early game ADDS to the excitement and how it adds to the flavor of the game experience and makes your victories feel sweeter. Horrible things happening to you through no fault of your own is something you’d expect in a game of the harsh life of a mercenary company. Or something like that. Hrm. I think I can accept that.

Exactly. Glad we understand each other after all :) Challenge is big part of this game and why it is so good.