Reply To: "Some Necrosavants"

Avatar photoSekata

Guis, we’re all friends here.

But sure, forests are dangerous. I usually try to avoid them, but the terrain generation made that incredibly difficult. I usually expect to be jumped by a pack of werewolves, an army of bandits or ghouls. I take exception when the game thinks it’s appropriate to spawn an end-game enemy in a relatively large group for the enemy type on day 39.

The devs have a passionate community of free beta testers. If they wanted they could aggregate saves from the forum during certain days to get a good feel for typical progress and balance accordingly. I’m absolutely not the best BB player. I’m probably not even good. But 5 necrosavants on day 39 just seems bad outside of any sort of quest/reward loop.

Admittedly, I do also favor gameplay over realism. Realistically no one recovers well from a broken knee cap, or a deep abdominal cut in a similar time period and the whole company has died of dysentery and infection. Also, no mention of water or clean supply. These are gameplay design decisions, and are made to prevent the management part of gameplay from becoming tedious.