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Glad to have you on the Forum!

Most of the things in-game are reasonable. I expect to take losses against 4+ Orc Warriors when I take a mission to kill them, but I’m with you on necrosavant generation. The rewards for killing them are never proportional to the damage taken by your band either.

I play my games for the fun and challenge, but I’m a bit torn about Iron Man in BB. At the moment it feels balanced for overwhelming punishment rather than gameplay that rewards tactical world map decisions. Half of the good choices are drowned in bad rng quest twists and bad combat rolls.

For example, I really wish the enemy weapon generation was a bit more tweaked. Fighting a group of bandit raiders with full chainmails/shields and 2-3 pikemen is not the same as fighting some with leather armor and weapons only. A marksman with a crossbow is way more dangerous than a marksman with a bow. I’m under the impression that the game takes the designation “Bandit raider” and randomly generates equipment with no restriction placed on the number of more dangerous weapons or effective armor generated.

There are meaningful designations. Hedge knights always have heavy armor, Fallen heroes pose a predictable amount of danger. There’s no question about what weapon a swordmaster or necrosavant will be using. Even undead legionares are predictably a mix of pikemen and shieldbearers. Just way too much variation in bandit raiders/marksmen and that can be a death sentence in early game quests. On the spectrum of gambling vs gaming, BB leans a bit too far towards the former to be save scum immune imo.