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Hey. Me again.

There is a penalty for only buying grain too btw. After buying nothing but grain since it’s so cheap for about 20 days I got an event with dissatisfied brothers and the gist of it was “Can we at least have a little meat every now and again?”

If you buy say some cured venison that doesn’t spoil for ages and literally only buy ground grains instead you will not get them dissatisfied even if they don’t touch the venison.

As for the original topic here. In one of my recent campaigns I first seen a pack of 5 necrosavants annihilate a group of 12 raiders at around day 20. At around day 30 they actually caught me and I had to retreat. 5 backliners in light armor don’t really stand a chance there. Luckily I managed to recover after 2 days of treating wounds. There were 2 or 3 undead camps close to the place where I got ambushed. I first discovered them at around day 10-15 where 2 of the camps had ancient legionaires and a few/some necrosavants. I may have been able to take on 2-3 necros with auxiliaries but no way with legionaires so clearing out the camp to prevent more spawns was not an option.
Oh yes, this was in the center of the map right next to some main roads and rural villages where I would have gotten a lot of easy contracts for the early game. I really think Necrosavants should only spawn as roaming troops in the mid to late game but definitely not this early.

For example, I really wish the enemy weapon generation was a bit more tweaked. Fighting a group of bandit raiders with full chainmails/shields and 2-3 pikemen is not the same as fighting some with leather armor and weapons only. A marksman with a crossbow is way more dangerous than a marksman with a bow. I’m under the impression that the game takes the designation “Bandit raider” and randomly generates equipment with no restriction placed on the number of more dangerous weapons or effective armor generated.

I agree. With marksmen especially. I think Crossbows need a rework. At least remove Crossbow Mastery from Bandit Marksmen. It is really frustrating to lose a guy to a lucky shot or two in a row. There is absolutely no fun in that. I like losing if I make mistakes, not because I rolled a 1 on a d20.
Also Crossbows are kinda garbage in player hands because of their limited damage potential compared to a warbow that can shoot 3 times in one round with berserk. I still try to make crossbows work but usually I am better off going for a polearm instead – because they can attack twice in a round if berserk triggers, crossbows don’t really profit from berserk.

If we had crossbows use 3 AP to shoot and 5 AP to reload, the only difference would be that we could run 2 tiles after reloading instead of just one, however berserk would actually make a difference.
Round 1: Shoot (kill), Reload, Shoot.
Round 2: Reload, Shoot (kill), Reload.
It would still only be half as many attacks as with a warbow but at least we would get something out of berserk. Just. Don’t give berserk to Master Archer..