Reply To: "Some Necrosavants"

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After some major tweaking with my builds and a test run Crossbows are a main factor I have to consider in every single build. My Archers and Polearms all take Colossus, Battle Forged and Anticipation just to minimize the odds of getting 2 shot by Arbalesters later on.

Found a workable solution (see the thread Ranged Balancing) and am doing very well so far. Crossbows could actually use a rework or a buff. I remember the glory days of Crossbow swapping, shooting 3 Bolts on the first turn. Wouldn’t even be all that broken with all the Undead, Orcs, Goblins and Noble House troops around.
Maybe Crossbows should still do half damage if stopped by a shield and be 1/3 less common.