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I think you read my tesisis, but mostly skip or ignore the explanations.


Of course its all about abstraction. Problem is, there not enough of it. I think, you agree, that engaged figure participate in combat, even if he’s turn already done/not yet started (there is another issue about current turn system, but not now) and enemy not just “teleport” to not engaged target(unsless its some of leap/dash/etc ability, of course), so target actually have time to react. And that’s where described problems come from.

Okay, lets start:

10kg shields??? Really?? Sorry, but that just not viable thing, not for footman. What you think it made from? Mostly its a dish-size metal plate(for balance and punching, not for defence), and rest of the thin wood, or even plywood, with totally about 2-2,5kg. Biggest one-handed bastard swords ~1,5kg max, spears about ~1kg, that is average milk packaging, and you dont need to hold this up all the time, just place it on shield/clamp with elbow/etc. Even ridiculusly long renessance pikes may be just supported by the ground, like on your photo.

I try to say, that you dont need perform a “special” action to form a spear/shieldwall with others, you just need to be near them. Reread where i write about “passive abilities”.

Of course on wall-on-wall combatant faces 3 opponents. Idea is – everybody faces 3 opponents, if you get attacked by 1+2 neighboring guys, you defended not only by yourself, but also by 2 neighboring friends. Reread where i write about “free opponnents”.

When i say about miss hits, i mean completly miss. When you placing blow, you tired yourself releasing something energy, and opponent(if not completly evade) must deal with that energy, not just ignore it – also get tired from parry, and, if not have shield or sword, suffer big damage to weapon.

This how:

Really?? I couldn’t hit just through first line, you should avoid it. I make some diagram, just for you:

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