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Average Greek aspis shield weighted about 7-8 kg.

Is that huge sparthan bronze shield? There no shield of that kind in the game or in medieval warfare. Try look at this

In real life shield/spear wall is not ability or stance

I think all defensive abilities should be passive (with nerf their effects of course)

I do not see any contradiction here. So what is your point? I should remind you that game has already max fatigue penalty for wearing spear/shield/whateverelse.

but they face 3 guys themselves

And also have 2 friends by sides. And so on. Yes. Everyone is equal busy(except for the flanks, of course). Does this make things more complicated? Yes. Does game have proper mechanic for this? No. That what i’m talking about.

When you placing blow, you tired yourself releasing something energy, and opponent(if not completly evade) must deal with that energy, not just ignore it

I really confused that i’m forced to write this again. There is my point and you dont say anything about that.

Pikes were actually between 3-8 meters in length. Guy on your diagram would be perfectly safe. 2.5 meters is length of average spear.

There question not really about length, because for this goal, you always need to have angle for proper attack. You cant just push it throught first line’s shoulder horizontally, because that actually involve first line(and you most likely lost your huge pike, thanks to huge lever). And again, some diagram, just for you: VeryLongOops!
And, by the way, there are no renaissance pikes in medieval, you now? Because it’s has very specific use, and dont very suitable for footman skirmish. Also, i think that you merge footman and cavalry gear.

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