Reply To: Things that are so dumb, that makes me sick

Avatar photoMike

First of all: no, you cannot be rude first and then just say “no offense” to excuse yourself – it just makes you look like a lazy asshole who knew he shouldn’t have written what he did, but didn’t really care enough to correct himself. Lack of language skills is irrelevant – if you can post here you can use google translate to correct any errors. Yes, the effort lies on your side to communicate well, not ours to guess what exactly did you mean by “dumb” and “sick”. Welcome to adult world.

Secondly: the game is not “somewhat realistic” it IS realistic – for a given definition and basic asumptions. After all, it is not a real-life medieval combat similator – it’s a turn-based fantasy computer game where you fight goblins, orcs and walking dead, all conveniently defined by a simple set of numerical statistics and moving on a convenient grid of identical hexagons.
If you are willing to accept the above – and since you didn’t put that on your cute little list I’m assuming that you are – all following pretenses of defending “realism” look like nitpicking at best.

Thirdly: you don’t get to begin with a question like “how can I get tired from holding heavy-as-f*** equipment in a battle-ready stance (while wearing heavy and restricting armor)?” and keep any kind of credibility. You obviously have no experience in the matter whatsoever and therefore don’t really know what you are talking about, and no amount of further nitpicking or – admittedly cute – simplified pictures is going to change that.

You don’t like something about the game, we get it. But you needlessly started with being rude and only got worse from there, which will get you no good will anywhere. Learn some humility and respect for others.