Reply To: Where did the "no crisis" button go?

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Hey. Would really like that back.

I zipped you a day 1 backup of two of my saves without late game crisis.
“Defiant Few” campaign needs the Fangshire Helmet DLC for you to run. The “Misfits” one was started without that to share with my friend.
Both campaigns are on expert ironman, sadly I don’t have any others.

Anyways my latest campaign is with lategame crisis but without permanent destruction. The noble war you can pretty much ignore – they also don’t pay well so it’s mostly very high risk for almost nothing in return. You try to surround the knight and dagger him? Too bad that allied piker got the lasthit and now you get nothing. I am currently at the undead crisis and it’s a lot of fun and very profitable as well. For one contract to destroy 2 camps, even with just 4k pay if you dagger fallen heroes it’s like 10-15k per contract.

For me, noble war stretched out over 100 ingame days or so and the second crisis started around day 220 so I had enough time to prepare.