Reply To: Fleeing is too annoying

Avatar photoWaterd

You can’t see it on caravan contracts, you can’t see it on many camps attacks, and sometimes even if you can see it, you still are forced to fight, but can later flee.

Reasonable predict is not enough, i’ve tried but sometimes the prediction is wrong, and i flee. It’s ok if your standard composition works, It doesn’t work for me, As I said i did 10 runs before with early deaths it was only until i started fleeing constantly and Having Target specific equipment that i started to doing great, right now on day 82 with 5k+ gold and a full level equipped team and 4 reserves.

Clearly the tactic work, maybe there are others, but surviving in expert ironman is already hard enough, i don’t need to handicap myself by trying to find midgame a strategy that just happens to not be as annoying. If one of the few reliable strategies work, it’s expected me to use it, we don’t even have the claim “Well it works on Expert, but what about megaexpert? you are handicapping your way by using such strategy” No there isn’t.

My point is, there is clearly a very good strategy to do well in expert ironman, and it happens to be terrible annoying. The great value I see in the game is that you can try your hardest to survive, and still be a challenge. Part of trying my hardest is to flee, something even encouraged by the tips. It just happens to be terrible annoying to do.