Reply To: (Need) Late game strategy help

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Well that was a lot!

But thank you! Those where some very good tips and i see now that my endgame has been lacking. I’ve thrown away every net ive ever seen, and never use dogs. But i see now that the strat is to throw in everything and everyone thats dispensable and use every advantage you can get in one of these really hard endfights.

2 questions tho,..

First, about bowmen/xbowmen i trained four of those guys, but honestly right up to this fight feelt the need for them really kinda vanished late game. They became a “win more” play, since light armored troops never posed a problem anyway and their positions could be used better by some trained and dedicated pole guys. But when you face litteraly the double amount of troops you kinde start seeing the need in dropping enemies fast before they reach you. Do you really feel your game improves with so many of them? And what armor do you use for them so they dont instantly eat it when they switch to axes.

Secoundly, about spears. I hate them, so good early game, such a disappointment late game, i still use four or two, since i feel that pikewall, while doing NO damage to armored enemies, creates very good artificial bottle necks for the enemie to go directly to my twohanders, Would you still prioritise dmg over rude crowd control?

on side note: love overwhelm and that last perk for 50% less damage,