Reply To: change weapon also change fatigue

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“I have found an abscure and convoluted exploit that allows me to cheat in a singleplayer-excusive game, which bothers nobody but me. Please spend your (obviously limited) time and effort to make it impossible for me to cheat that way because my puppy-like lack of self control doesn’t allow me to stop myself.”

I’m usually annoyed by that kind of BS but it’s just too hilarious to get pissed at. Were you high while writing that?

Cheers for the laugh.

I feel strange why this thing could make you emotional. It’s not a convoluted or rare as you, actually, many of us used it and still using it, may you just not that much familiar with this game mechanic so think it’s just a exclusive thing or something.

It’s not about cheating or not, it’s only a question on whether it’s working as intended or a balancing bug, I dont really think quick hand is desighned to make you recover another 20 fatigue per turn.

Sorry for my ENG, maybe you shall next time control your mood and give me an rational arguement, I dont wanna abusing my words on discussing whose habit is better.