Reply To: What with the balance?

Avatar photohruza

There is one “small” trouble. Level of Veteran has a REALLY huge disadvantages what shouldn’t be… I mean I’ve played on beginner level as normal, had some times troublesome situations but in any case I was able to solve them, but once I’ve choosed Veteran – game become too difficult, even though this is not an Expert… What the hell is going on?

Go back to beginner then, no one is forcing you to play on difficulty which you can’t handle.

The first mission to secure a caravan, the first one, and I was ambushed by Orc Berserker and 4 Orcs Younger. SERIOUSLY!? JUST bought few men, bought some simple weapon, because there are no money for more valuable things and I WAS AMBUSHED BY ORCS!? What the hell? It’s truly too unfair to the players.

Should those orcs ask you for a permission to attack the caravan or what exactly did you expect them to do?

Caravan escort missions are better to be avoided early on, no matter how many skulls they have. They’re just too unpredictable because you can run in to anything roaming around the map.

How I must to clear in 1-star mission a cemetery and find an Idol with 8 people against 10 full armored brigands? Is it joke of creators? Are you kidding with this balance?

You don’t have to do anything. Nobody is forcing you to fight 10 full armored brigands, whatever that means. One of the first things you should learn about this game, especially on higher difficulties is to know when to fight and when not.

Also what’s wrong with chance to hit? 90% chance to hit – but, unbelievable, I’ve missed!

What’s wrong with your math skill instead? 90% is not 100%. Yes, you can still miss.

And in that fight one simple Brigand without any armour and only with a pike, with just one killing blow finished my full armored guy with big shield, also he had full health – is it normal?

Armored with what, leather jacket? I came across many shields in the game, but I did not see anything named “big shield”. Not that it matter if enemy scores hit, because shield lowers chance to hit, not the damage. And full health is what? 43?

You should be more specific and you should also check battle log (how much damage to what part of body, how much armor was hit and how much HP). Pike can do between 60-80 damage, have bonus chance to hit and bonus chance to hit head on top of that. Yes it can one shot kill under right conditions. Even if target wears armor.

Game is good, there is no another point, but this balance is really awful. Beginner – too easy, Veteran – almost unreal to play without instant loadings.

There are plenty of people, including me playing on veteran on ironman.

Normal players who played enough with beginner level should have at least normal feelings in playing Veteran mode. Not easy but also not too difficult. It should be normal.

It’s called Veteran, not Normal for a reason. You seems to be confusing two.

At least to had some possibilities to finish 1-star quests without ambushes of a full armor brigands and a lot of orcs on 1st quest.

One star missions are not full of armor brigands and lot of orcs. At last not at the beginning of the game.

I will repeat what I said already: the first rule of playing this game -on any difficulty, but higher ones especially is know when to fight and when to avoid fighting. If you fail to do that, you will have very hard time. Some quests are not worth finishing and some battles are not worth fighting. And -loosing the battle is not end of the game.