Reply To: Enemy AI is excellent

Avatar photoDragonovith

It’s a really impressive AI. The enemies don’t just throw themselves at our mercenaries, each faction has its own tactic and they perform it very well.

Necrosavants prey on your archers and weak troops, like the Wolf riders do. Goblins try to slow the player down as much as they can, while shooting poisoned arrows. Orcs, being fearless and at the same time a bit stupid, always attack with a reckless charge, like the Wolves and Nachzehrer do. Meanwhile the humans, be them noble bannermen or bandits, fight in a similar banner, but in my specific case they always divide their forces to attack my flanks and that’s actually a good strategy, because I have as many front line troops as I have archers, so it makes sense for they to go for my backline.

Luckily we don’t have horses in the game, because imagine fighting against horse archers, I’m pretty sure they would be very effective at circling our company and shooting at us!